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    Manual massager If you do not see yourself without a massage for single minute, Casada company manual massagers are great option. They are compact, easy to take with you anywhere in the world and fold; also they can massage any part of the body. Circulation is improved, spasms and pain are disappeared. You are well, nice and helpful. We agree…
  • Foot massagers

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    Foot massagers Casada Feet are a very important element of our well-being. There is a huge amount of biologically active points. If organize the work with them properly, it is possible to avoid a number of diseases. That is why foot massage is so important. Fortunately, we don’t need a good massage therapist in these delicate matters. It is enough to…
  • Back massagers

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    Massage wraps Excellent property of massage wraps - their compactness and the possibility of transportation. It can be used in a car, and then at home, at your favorite couch or chair, and doubtless - in the office. They are easy to fold, so their carrying transportation are easy enough. You can have a massage anywhere, wherever it is possible.…

Massage pillows

Massage pillows – user-friendly massage device. Since it can perform not only neck massage, but shoulders, back, waist, calves, buttocks and so on. You don’t need to hold the pillow with your hands, as it is comfortably adjacent to the desired part of the body. And then you control it with the remote. By doing so the massage effect is better and it’s easier to relax.

Such a method will help to eliminate muscle pain, get rid of the unpleasant side effects of flat feet, posture problems. It will help to get rid of stress. The pillow make positive impact upon any adverse feelings and emotions, after the working day, when recovering from physical injuries.

Several types of massage, speed modes, intensity. Long-term guarantee. Warm up. Timer. As you can see quite an extensive characterization for a relatively small massager. You can spend an evening this pillow. Starting with neck massage. Let it relax you a bit. Then put it lower on back. Pulsating and kneading massage excellently relieve spine fatigue. Try not to use it on each of the parts of the back more than 5 minutes. Pamper your buttocks if you’re a woman. Prevention of cellulite with massage, heating and infrared rays will not interfere. And it only takes about 5 minutes. Calves. This part is optional. Feet. Your feet will relax and get rid of cold feet effect with the function of heating. Circulation will be improved.

This daily system will make  your body and health better.  You will forget about headaches, poor circulation, salts, cellulite, uneven posture, various pains of the joints, muscles and other sense of discomfort. You are threatened with lymph flow improvement, nervous system normalization, increasing resistance to stress and other good effects.