Acupressure mat and pillow, NEW


Acupressure mat and pillow, NEW

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Shipping - 35 NIS

New massage acupuncture set made of 100% eco-friendly materials.

This mat is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, age and type of activity.

If you:

– work a lot sitting in front of computer,

– you experience tension in the muscles of the back, occipital muscles,

– you feel overstrained after training,

– you experience headaches or restless sleep,

– you just need to improve skin tone and get rid of cellulite.

Main advantages:

relieves muscle tension and pain,

eliminates stress from a body,

stimulates the production of endorphins and improves mood,

increases blood circulation, which helps get rid of cellulite,

improves quality of sleep,

energizes the body and many others.

Use cases:

1.before bed, which promotes deep relaxation and more restful sleep (lie on the massage mat for 10-20 minutes), the office, to relieve stress on the back and buttocks (sit on a massage mat),

3.after any kind of sports involving muscle tension (placing a mat or pillow under the tense muscles),

4.for tired legs to speed up circulation (stand or walk on the mat for 5-10 minutes), case of headache (stand or walk on the rug for 5-10 minutes), place a pillow under the neck and head,

6.during your meditation to take it to the next level (lie on the rug and pillow or sit on the rug),

7.During yoga to release tension in the body in various asanas and to gently stimulate parts of the body,

8.before bedtime to fall asleep quickly and improve the quality of sleep (lie on the mat and pillow for 10-20 minutes),

9. while reading, relaxing at home, washing dishes … the list is endless!

Massage mat dimensions:

The size of the rug is 72 * 42 * 2 cm.

The weight of the mat is 1.2 kg.

Massage pillow dimensions:

Pillow size: 38 * 31 * 7 cm.

Pillow weight: 0.8 kg.

Equipment: Acupuncture mat, acupuncture pillow, storage bag.


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